“Beware of refusing to go to the funeral of your own independence.”
-Oswald Chambers


If that doesn’t sting your heart like a spanking on your behind….

As I read this mornings devotion, I am reminded of how easy it is for us, myself, to hold on to the things if this world rather than Christ himself. It is far more habitual for us to want to succeed here on earth, doing earthly things and for us to desire to move up in the world’s eyes than it is for us to want to suceed in heavenly things, those that God has called us to.

It is not a question of what is good, moral and noble in the natural state, because well we live according to a supernatural state. You see, when we begin to try and do what those around us deem as good we only nake it harder for us to see what God has said is good in His eyes. The further we fall into the morality of this world, the more difficult it becomes to surrender our lives and freedom to the very One who created us.

Oswald Chambers also wrote, “The cost to your natural life is not just one or two things, but everything.” We don’t get to choose what we allow Jesus to have control over. We MUST let Him have FULL control of our WHOLE lives. In doing so, only then we are able to fulfill His will for us.

Physical courage is grand, moral courage is grander, but the man who trusts Jesus Christ in the face of the terrific problems of life is worth a whole crowd of heroes.
-Oswald Chambers

-Bianca Williams-

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