Why are we “in it”?

“People do not really want to be devoted to Jesus, but only the cause he started.” – Oswald Chamber

Wow. If this isn’t still just as true as it was back then…. at least that’s what I believe.

I think we all know someone who is ready to join the cause, whatever that cause might be. We all know at least one person who was ready to hop on board the new trend. But that same person didn’t actually want to do the work. They simply just wanted to have the cause showcased in their profile or written on their resume. It was never about helping people or the charity itself. It was solely for their own selfish reason. To say they were part of something good.

Today I firmly believe that is many of us, if not all of us. We start off whole heartedly devoted to Jesus and we get lost in all the things he has done and is capable of doing that we slowly drift from Him alone to what He was known for. But you see, life doesn’t work that way. Faith doesn’t work that way and a relationship sure as heck does not work that way. It is not enough to love the idea of the perfect life, you have to love your life the way it is and change what you can. You don’t get to choose to have Faith in only the things you see but MUST have faith in all things, even what you can’t see. Especially what you cannot see. And lastly, you cannot, absolutely cannot be in love with the idea of a person and who you think you can change them to be. You need to be in love with the person for who they are. All their faults and shortcomings too. Because truth is, when we allow ourselves to be more attracted to the idea of something instead of the thing itself, we will fall as soon as that idea goes away. As soon as we come to the realization that it was not real and just mentally appealing, we are lost. We are shattered.

So, are you in it for Jesus and Him alone? Or are you in it just because it’s what everyone else is doing and you just want the blessings? Are you in it because you want Jesus to truly change your heart? Or are you just waiting for the next gift, miracle and healing?

It is simply just NOT ENOUGH to follow Jesus with the expectation of those things happening, because if they don’t happen, what do you have left??

“To be in love with Jesus is not the same as being in love with what He can do for you. He owes us nothing.”

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