Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich


2 Slices of a low carb bread

Black Forest Ham (Your choice is probably better)

Mild Cheddar Sliced Cheese

Sugar Free Mayo ( or just be easy on the regular jar)


Step 1- Toast both pieces of your low carb bread.

Step 2- Once bread is toasted, place on a paper towel, paper plate, glass plate, fancy china or the just the kitchen counter. (we all do it…)

Step 3- Spread the mayo on one side of each slice of bread.

Step 4- Add 1-3 slices of cheese and 1-3 slices of ham on the mayo covered side of the bread. (I said 1-3 depending how full you are really trying to get…haha. NO JUDGEMENT!)

Step 5- Cut from one corner to the opposite corner, diagon-alley, I mean diagonally. (I hope you got that reference) =P

Step 6- Turn on your favorite show, with subtitles, because you know you won’t be able to hear a dang thing once you start chewing your sandwich! And ENJOY!

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